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You’ve come to the warm Caribbean Sea. A beautiful resort city called Playa Del Carmen. You’ve been on several different tours in the jungle. They were fun. You’ve been swimming in two cenotes (underground sinkholes that are filled with water and have become local swimming holes). Neat.

However, all of the activities were lacking something: you were never in control. You were simply a tool that followed along wherever your guide told you to go. You did what you were told like a good school boy. But now you want something different. You want to be in control this time; you want to be “behind the wheel.”

You want an ultra-fun activity that really gets your adrenaline going. You want something that involves speed, power, and, of course, the Caribbean sea (that you know you may never see again).

Well, my friend, you have come to the right place. Welcome to the world of jet ski rental in Playa del Carmen—the exciting, fun, and exhilarating way to explore the Carribean coast that runs adjacent to the beautiful city of Playa del Carmen.

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"Super fun! Definitely recommended! Would do it again if given the choice!!!"
Joe Akins
Pittsburgh, PA USA

Why rent a jet ski in Playa del Carmen?

There are so many reasons to rent a jet ski in Playa del Carmen, I would be completely amiss to try and name them all. However, here are the top 4 coolest reasons that you should rent a jet ski while you’re here:



Playa Del Carmen jet ski rental allows you to ride waves like a rockstar on reprieve from rowdy and rambunctious tour dates – Rockstars have a reputation for living exciting and unbelievable lifestyles—including crazy antics that make headlines around the world. If you were a rockstar, would you be pacing up and down Fifth Avenue with filthy flip-flops—or would you get your ass down to the beach, jump on a jet ski with your hot wife, and get both her and your jet ski’s motor humming? Renting a jet ski in Playa del Carmen is akin to being a rockstar on reprieve in the Carribean! Be a rockstar! Rent a jet ski!



Renting a jet ski in Playa del Carmen is seeing the beautiful Caribbean as if you were a famous Hollywood actor on a seaside set – Do you think a Hollywood movie star would simply sit on the beach and do nothing all day? NO! Of course not! They would be doing amazing activities. They would be looking for excitement. They would be trying to do as many cool things as they could before returning to their stressful jobs. One of those would likely be renting a jet ski in Playa del Carmen.



Scout out Playa del Carmen’s downtown beaches like a pernicious pirate vessel packed with parrot-shouldered people – Pirates have a reputation as being the bad boys of the sea. You know what? It’s probably right! But remember: It’s the bad boys that make the girls’ hearts beat faster. Pirate ships controlled much of the Caribbean at one time and have created an interesting history that still lives on today. Do you think a pirate would be taking a slow-moving catamaran cruise? Or would they be scoping out the beach, babes, and waves on a fast-moving vessel that could take them anywhere in moments? You can be 100% sure that if a pirate came to this area, he would be renting a jet ski in Playa del Carmen! Live large like a pirate! Rent a Jet Ski today!


Experience an adrenaline rush comparable to Julius Caesar’s when he made the decision to return to and (illegally) enter Rome with his undefeated army – Do you think Julius Caesar would have rented a pedal bike in order to plan out his next campaign in the area? (“Can I reserve a beach cruiser, please?”) Heck no! He would have said, “Alea iacta est (the die has been cast). Burn the boats!—and while you are at it, give me a damn jet ski to rent in Playa del Carmen!” Do you want to be a real stallion like Julius Caesar? Then burn the boats and rent a Jet Ski!


There is a plethora of reasons that you would want to rent a Jet Ski with us compared to any other rental outfits in the area. We are a very professional company and take pride in the service that we offer. That is more than can be said for most other companies that operate on the beach.

Notably newer jet ski models than anyone in the entire Riviera Maya

Most of the other jet ski rental outfits around town are running very old jet skis. Not us. We have a fleet of the newest and fastest jet skis on the consumer market. Rent with us and get the best.

Meticulously maintained equipment

There is nothing worse than having a breakdown at sea. Heck! You may even have to swim all the way back from Cozumel! Or be marooned on a deserted island the likes of Jack Sparrow. Not with our jet skis. All of our jet skis have been maintained to the highest standards in order to assure they’re continuing functionality. Don’t expect a break down with our jet skis because you can be 99.99% sure that it’s not going to happen. I CANNOT say that for our competitors, unfortunately.

Superman-like safety standards

Since our Inception, safety has always been a priority for us. Nearly all of our staff members and team have been working with jet ski rentals for several years. They will help you get fitted for a life jacket, adjust the straps, and make sure that you know how to drive a jet ski before they cut you loose at sea. Of course, most of the safety burden lies on you (i.e. you will have to watch for swimmers, snorkelers, other boats, etc…). Nonetheless, our team will do all that they can in order to assure your safety.

Eternity of experience in exotic Carribean conditions

The Carribean is an oft’ misunderstood animal. Sometimes calm and serene. Other times brash and unpredictable. In any scenario when you are dealing with something as vast and untamed as the sea, you are better off viewing it through the eyes of those more experienced than you. Our team has the experience to know when the sea is going to remain calm and when a tormenting torrential rainfall will be soon upon you. Consequently, you are always more safe with an experienced team than you are with one lacking experience. Our team has the experience, and as our customers, they will lend you that experience freely.
Playa del Carmen jet ski rental prices/options

No price games, no haggling

Mexico, in general, has a reputation of being a place where negotiation skills are highly useful when doing things like jet ski rentals in Playa del Carmen. However, we don’t believe in this sort of arrangement. When prices are open to offers and negotiation, tourists usually lose. Why? Because they have no base or starting point regarding where to even begin making offers due to lack of experience in a particular area. Thus, we decided from the very beginning that we were not going to haggle or play games with prices.

One low price

There is a monopoly on jet skis and other watercraft in the Riviera Maya area. Due to strict regulations regarding the number of sea-bound vehicles operating off our shores, government officials wield despotic power over watercraft owners and provide licenses on a “how big is your bribe” basis. Consequently, jet ski rental prices are slightly higher than they should be. Despite this, we offer the lowest jet ski rental price in Playa del Carmen. There is also obvious price-fixing: ALL the jet ski rental pods on the beach charge the exact same price. Lucky for you, this is around $10.00 USD more per person during the low season and $15.00 USD more per person than we charge during the high season. That’s because our prices don’t change. We lock in prices during the lowest seasons when the jet ski rental pods are absolutely hungry for customers. However, because we have a contract with them, they cannot raise the prices on us during the high season (when there is natural upward pressure on jet ski rental rates due to overwhelming demand). Either way, you win because you get the best prices on your Playa Del Carmen jet ski rentals!

Discounts for groups of eight or more

Even though we don’t haggle on prices, we do offer discounts to large groups of people of eight or more. This includes a big family on vacation, extended family wanting to participate in a fun activity, and wedding parties that are looking for a way to relieve some of the pressure associated with managing a foreign-based wedding. You can contact us directly in order to ask about our discounted rates for larger groups.




When you’re visiting a foreign country, safety during all activities is absolutely paramount. You don’t want do you end up in a Mexican hospital. Trust me on that.

We take Playa Del Carmen jet ski rental safety very seriously. Our team is ready to respond to basic emergencies and there is always extra jet skis in the area if it is necessary to rescue a person who has capsized, broken down, or is in general distress. Our team not only prepares jet skis for use, but we also use the jet skis ourselves, so we are very familiar with how they operate and the common causes of problems customers sometimes encounter.

Renting a jet ski in Playa del Carmen with us is a safe and rewarding experience due to both our modern safety equipment and our amazing team.



Site Manager

  • Strong English skills
  • Impeccable safety record
  • 10+ years working in Playa Del Carmen
  • Honest, hard-working professional guy


Activity Vendor

  • Top-notch English communicator
  • Prioritizes safety
  • 4+ years living in Playa Del Carmen
  • Works multiple jobs to pay his bills


The following are the most common questions that we receive from visitors:

General Jet Ski Rental Questions

Downtown close to the alternative ferry dock. We will give you precise instructions upon making a reservation. We are located on the beach, so it is difficult to give you an exact address. However, suffice it to say that we are close to the alternative ferry dock (not the main dock, but the secondary dock on Constituyentes Avenue & the beach).

We operate from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Anytime is good to rent a Jet Ski. However, early afternoon is usually the best because the beaches are more active and the sun is shining directly overhead so you can see deeper into the water that you are riding one.

Up to two people are allowed per jet ski. The price is the same.

We set no exact limitations on how far you can go during your jet ski rental time. However, it is usually best to stay relatively close to our jet ski rental location so that you don’t get lost and end up going “overboard” on your rental time.

The only limitation is that minors must be accompanied by an adult. No drunk drivers either!

Our jet ski models change from year to year. However, suffice it to say that they are all late model, newer jet skis that go as fast as you’ll want to go and are capable of going faster than you should be going in an area with lots of boats and watercraft traffic.

Our jet skis go faster than you will probably want to go on the open sea considering that there are often waves and that the sea can be quite unpredictable. Ask any old pirate about El Caribe (The Caribbean) and they will tell you the same thing.

No, our jet ski rentals include neither food nor drinks. If you would like to bring food or drinks to consume before or after renting your jet ski, feel free to do so. However, make sure that you are not drinking alcohol before you ride your jet ski as it could impair your reaction times and cause accidents.

Requirements — What Is Required To Rent A Jet Ski In Playa Del Carmen?

We don’t have a minimum age for renting a jet ski other than the fact that you must be 18+ years old. If you are under 18, you must be accompanied by an adult.

Due to the risk of accidents, we do not rent jet skis to people who have been drinking. When renting a jet ski, you must avoid other watercraft traffic, look out for snorkeling boats, and make sure that you don’t see any diver alert flotation devices in the area that you are riding. Considering all of these potential risk points, it makes no sense for us to rent a Jet Ski to drunk or high people in Playa del Carmen. If you are visibly drunk or high, we will not renot a jet ski to you—and you will also lose your reservation deposit.

You do not need an ID to rent a jet ski unless there is a question regarding your age.

Reservations / Payments / Refunds

Can I make online reservations for my jet ski rental? Yes, you can reserve your jet ski online. In fact, it is mandatory if you want to rent a Jet Ski with us. An online reservation allows us to designate a specific meeting time and have everything ready for your arrival at the scheduled time. This saves both you and us time. You can make reservations by clicking here (insert link).

We accept credit cards via PayPal for the reservation deposit portion of your payment. However, we do not accept credit cards for the remaining balance. The remaining balance is due in cash at the beach. Moreover, the remaining balance must be paid in either US dollars or Mexican pesos.

We accept credit cards and PayPal for the reservation deposit portion of your jet ski rental. The remaining balance must be paid in cash. We only accept US dollars or Mexican pesos for the secondary portion of your jet ski rental payment.

You do not need a PayPal account in order to make a Paypal payment. You can simply “CHECK OUT AS GUEST.” The checkout as guest option does NOT require a PayPal account. However, you will need a credit card in order to check out.

If you are from Mexico and familiar with the cash payment systems that are available at the nationwide convenience stores Oxxo or Extra, you can make your reservation deposit with cash at Oxxo or Extra.

We do not provide refunds on the reservation deposit or the jet ski rental payment itself. What would be the point in taking a reservation deposit if it was refundable? In regard to the remaining balance for the jet ski rental, this is not paid until you are just about to get on the jet ski, so it is too late to ask for a refund. Because we do not provide refunds, we strongly suggest that you make your jet ski rental reservation during an early part of your vacation. This way, if unforeseen circumstances arise such as rain or high winds (very common) stop you from riding on your scheduled day, you can reschedule for another day within your vacation.

A reservation deposit is a partial payment for the specific number of jet skis requested for the specific day and time you need them. It is mandatory to make a reservation deposit if you would like to rent a Jet Ski with us.

The reservation deposit is not refundable. However, your jet ski rental time slash day can be rescheduled due to unforeseen circumstances such as rain or other bad weather. For this reason, we recommend that you make your jet ski rental reservations early on in your vacation so that you can easily reschedule if something comes up.

After you make a reservation deposit, you will have a remaining balance due the you must pay at the jet ski rental site. Your remaining balance due must be paid in cash. Either US dollars or Mexican pesos are acceptable.

We accept credit cards and PayPal for the reservation deposit.

Because of the extraordinary cost of credit card processing fees and the fact that credit card processing equipment would not last long on the beach, we only accept cash for the remaining balance portion of your jet ski rental total. The remaining balance can be paid in either US dollars or Mexican pesos only.

We only accept credit card / PayPal for the reservation deposit portion of your jet ski rental payment.

Safety – Playa Del Carmen Jet Ski Rental Safety

We provide life jackets at no extra cost to you. We have a number of different sizes available.

Yes. When you are renting a jet ski in Playa del Carmen, it is your responsibility to stay clear of boats in the area, snorkelers, and scuba divers. Snorkelers and scuba divers will usually be near a boat associated with each respective activity. However, you should always look for objects floating in the water in the past that you will be riding your jet ski.

If it is windy in Playa del Carmen, the Mexican Port Authority shuts down the ports in and around Playa del Carmen. If this happens, no watercraft are allowed to operate in the immediate area surrounding the shores of Playa Del Carmen. Consequently, you cannot rent a jetski on that day. Thus, if your jet ski rental is scheduled for a day that the ports are closed, you will need to reschedule at some other time during your vacation. We do not provide a reservation deposit refund.

You do not need to wear a helmet while riding a jet ski. However, it is often helpful to wear some sort of sunglasses. If you decide to wear sunglasses, make sure that they are firmly attached to your face and preferably have some sort of flotation strap connected to them in case they fall off your head. If you lose them in the sea and they sink to the bottom of the water, they are gone forever.

We do not provide any limitations in regard to distances you can travel from the shore. However, it is usually best to stay within a few hundred yards / meters of the shoreline. In all honesty, there is not much to see beyond the shore anyways, so you will likely not want to go out further for this reason alone.

We do not limit how far you can go north or south of our jet ski rental location. However, 2 people who are unfamiliar with the area, many of the beaches look similar, so make sure you know exactly where you are if you decide to venture further north or south along the beach. Also, beware that there is more boat traffic in certain areas of Playa del Carmen than others. It is your responsibility to stay attentive and pay attention to other watercraft traffic during your Playa Del Carmen jet ski rental time.

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